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13.10.2007 Western Racing -Aktivities
08.10.2007 Translated website..
30.09.2007 Western racing..Activities
20.08.2007 The Memorial of Gen. G.A.Custera.. Activities
30.07.2007 Western racing..Activities
18.07.2007 We train with Clea.. Activities
22.06.2007 We Help by hippo therapy Activities
01.05.2007 Michelle Kunova (Kunicek) has visited us, more Activities
19.04.2007 We have new horses Horses
15.02.2007 Another novice Horses
08.02.2007 News about Pupicek
06.02.2007 The course of reining in Horka Activities
29.01.2007 New photos in winter in folder About us
11.12.2006 Suffering of horses and transportation of death
07.12.2006 We have found the lost history of Pupicek
22.11.2006 News about Pupicek- pulling the teeth
05.11.2006 ATTENTION link to the animal torture in folder Help
01.11.2006 Newspaper article about Pupicek in Teplice Newspapers
25.10.2006 New photos of Pupicek after 21 days
24.10.2006 News about Pupicek 2
13.10.2006 Create new folder called HELP
02.10.2006 First day of my websites.


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Horse help

Men hold in arms the destiny of horses and only men can change it, however it is unequal to watch and cry about it only, and here is necessary to start something to do.

Horse prayer

Feed me, master, drink me and give me clean, roomy stable,

when daily work is ended.

Talk to me, because your voice replaces the rein.

If you will be kind, I serve you with a pleasure

and find the place in my heart.

Donít tug the rein, please, donít touch on the whip, if we go forward.

Give me time to understand your intention.

Donít beat me, if I cannot understand you.

I am not careful, if I cannot satisfy your will - maybe,

the saddle or the horseshoes are not in order.

Donít leash me so tight and donít cut my tail,

which is the only weapon I had against flies and mosquitoes.

When you find, that my days are shortened, when I could not serve you,

my lovely master, donít let me, please,

be hungry and froze and donít sell me.

Be so honest and prepare me the speed, merciful death

and God will appreciate you for that and for ever.

Suffering horses,Transport of horses, Help

Story of Pupicek

Sory of Riggo