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Saving Riggo

July 2006 I randomly found these websites link . I directly intrigued it and I decided to help. We wrote together, told about our horses and we started to be friends.. one thing I sorrow is, that this organization is placed on the other side of our Republic, in Ostrava. .

One day Mrs. Helena chatted with me on ICQ about saving horse before slaughtering, but they had no possibility to transport him. I thought about it how to make it, because I have car, but no trailer (in that time). Only possibility was my friend from Rychnov, who had a trailer and could lend me it. So I tried to solve this problem. At this moment I didn’t know where we drive. I asked my boyfriend to join this journey and we drove for Frantisek from Rychnov – he had to drive a car because he was the only, who had a license for trailer. I got to know that we will transport horse from Brno to Ostrava. .

For better imagination: Me and my boyfriend (he didn’t suspect where we go, because I if tell him he would not go with me anymore) had to drive from North Bohemia to Rychnov for trailer, lift Frantisek and got to Pardubice to lift Mrs. Helena with her husband (I have never seen them at all). Then we travelled somewhere near Brno to pick up horse Riggo, to buy him back, get to new owners to Ostrava and make a final drive from Ostrava over Rychnov (trailer and Frantisek) back home to Teplice.

Everything happened so that, how I write here. It was on 9.7.2006. I cleared up to my friend in Rychnov where we go – he was angry about me because he had to wake up early morning and it was so sure that we get back deeply at night. Husbands were great, we talked about horses, saving etc. Riggo looked well, he was able to transport - review it ourselves. That day was very sunny and I had broken my air-condition, great fun. Fortunately we escorted Riggo to his new home. We drove back immediately because of gloom. We got home in 4 o’clock in the morning, tired totally... but it was worth the effort- we saved the horse life...

Riggo po přívozu Riggo po přívozu Riggo po přívozu Riggo po přívozu

Riggo today